Enhancing Marriage

Marriage is one of our most important relationships and yet we often neglect it. Many married people put their relationship at the bottom of their list of their priorities while they attend to their jobs, sildenafil their kids, order their extended family, find their community, and themselves. And yet, putting the marriage at the top of the list can improve every other aspect of life. When people are happily married, they thrive physically and emotionally – and their kids do too. How can couples find more time to strengthen and nurture their bond?

Here are some tips:

Surprise your Spouse from Time to Time
Surprise your spouse with gifts and acts of kindness. Pick up a coffe or pastry or magazine that you know your spouse loves and bring it home with you. Give a neck rub. Wash a sink full of his or her dishes. All acts of thoughtfulness powerfully boost the relationship with just a small investment of time.

Mark your Calendar
Remember the significant days of your lives, like the first day you met or the first time you went out on a date. And don’t forget those birthdays and anniversaries! Give your spouse a little token to mark the occasion. Maybe you could watch a movie too, or go to your favorite restaurant. And if can, aim for something grand and special. You need not splurge every month, but having that second or third honeymoon every other year is not a bad idea.

Sneak some Romance in the Normal, Everyday Tasks
Nothing beats a romantic spouse; it’s like winning your loved one’s heart all over again. Leave a small note to say “I love you” as you go to work. Serve breakfast in bed. Have a kiss while doing the laundry. Or share a bar of chocolate or a pint of ice cream while watching the game. If you’re creative, you can create quality couple time without even planning to go out.

Declare “Sacred Couple Time.”
Don’t wait until you can free some time to devote to your spouse. Doing so is often an exercise in frustration, as busy parents and breadwinners will always have an “emergency” to attend to. Instead, declare a day or hour (e.g. the first Monday or Friday of every month) as “couple time” —and plan around it! Your sacred couple time can be the day you hire a nanny to look after the kids, the day you say no to a guy’s or girl’s night out, the day you tell your boss “no overtime please.” If you can make your sacred couple time a routine in your home, eventually even kids will know that they are not to do anything to jeopardize your schedule! Use this time for QUALITY time only – no upsetting or stressful discussions on any topic. “Date” each other as friends – just have fun together as if you have no responsibilities. The one activity of setting aside “Date Night” weekly is probably the single, most important marital skill there is. It affects all the other days, weeks and years of your marriage in a very positive way!

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