Positive Family Memories

Why is it so important to build positive family memories? Throughout life, purchase walking down memory lane can be a wonderful, heartwarming activity for anyone. Thinking of the fun and special times the family spent together can provide a real boost during periods when life is difficult. Going through the family history can affirm how far everyone has gone! Being able to remember people who have passed away, or are not accessible for some reason, can help keep someone’s presence alive. And there is of course a sense of bonding and family unity when you know that everyone has journeyed together all these years.

How can parents help build memories for their family that will last? Consider the following tips:

This may sound like common sense, but it’s still worth mentioning. Before thinking of ways to preserve memories, why not start by proactively creating moments you and everyone in the family will want to look back on? Don’t over-plan an event; it’s not about how grand something is but rather about how the event feels to everyone. In fact, even a simple get together in front of the TV can be a memory everyone will want to treasure – especially when there has been laughter and warmth involved. Simple moments can create cherished family memories.

Don’t Hesitate to Verbalize How a Family Moment Has Struck You
Create the habit of sharing with your family what a special moment means to you. “This is great, isn’t it? We haven’t gone fishing together in such a long time!” When kids know that a moment matters to a parent, they are more likely to appreciate it. Similarly, encourage your children to share what strikes them about what the family is doing. It may feel awkward at first, but it’s also training them to attend to the value of the simple things in life!

Invest in Photo Albums, Video Recording, Journals and Scrapbooks
This is the digital age. Preserving a memory is not as expensive and as labor-intensive as it used to be. You can make memories in many media including old-fashioned photos, on-line galleries, audio and video recordings and even fabric crafts (i.e. pillows, shirts and mugs bearing the family portrait!). As much as you can, spend time in making materials that you can use to remember the times you want to remember. You can even make scrapbooking into a family event. How about that: the family’s efforts to preserve memories can be a memory to preserve too!

Do Reminisce from Time to Time
What’s the use of building memories when you can’t go back to them on occasion? Start a ritual where the family can get to recall all the great things the family has done — it can be something that you do every Thanksgiving, for example. Do put on your wedding video, or the documentation of baby Joshua’s first steps on the TV, on random occasions. These may be simple activities but it can create closeness in your family. When you can look back happily on what was, you can look forward happily to what will be.

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