Tips for Single Parents

Solo parenting is very challenging. The physical, capsule emotional, pill psychological, viagra 100mg financial and mental exertion required to raise a child is demanding even when two people share the task. To have to manage independently or with minimal support is both difficult and exhausting. Nonetheless, a child in a single-parent home needs the same amount of love, nurturing and guidance as all other children; how can a single parent best meet the needs of his or her youngster?

To help you navigate child-rearing as a single parent, consider the following tips:

Enlist Support Wherever Possible
Take all the help you can get physically and emotionally. Get your immediate family members and your closest relatives and friends to be your support system in raising your children. Visit these people and invite them to be regulars in your home and at your table. Knowing that you’re not alone is in itself a huge burden lifted, especially as you through the more challenging times. Practically speaking, however, no one can do it all on their own. Hired help is great if you can manage it too – babysitters, “mother’s helpers,” students, cleaning and cooking help – whatever you can afford will be helpful in freeing you up to be a more relaxed and focused parent. Equally important, your children will have more balanced relationships: when it’s just one parent and one child, there can sometimes be way too much closeness for developmental comfort. Children need space in which to develop normally. Having other people besides the parent to deal with helps the parent take eyes OFF the youngster for a time, providing relief for both the parent and the child. No one likes living under a microscope.

Be Organized or Hire Help to Get There
Routines and systems will help keep your busy life running smoothly. The less you have to think, the better – freeing up important time and energy for your kids. Sit down ONCE and make a two-week dinner schedule. Then just repeat that two-week cycle for the next ten years! Your shopping routine will become easy and automatic because your meals are all planned out. Have specific days for laundry, banking, cleaning – whatever you need to do. In this way, everything will happen and you won’t have to waste time thinking about how to do it all. Less stress for you is more calm and stability for your kids. Do the same for your finances – if possible arrange for automatic banking, savings and investing routines that don’t require your regular personal attention. Consider hiring a professional financial consultant to help you put processes in place.

Draw on Emotional and Spiritual Resources
Parenting can be easier when parents feel emotionally supported. Consider joining and participating in a faith community that can help nurture your soul and give you the strength you need to do this big job well. Psychological support from a mental health professional can help ease stress and provide helpful guidance as well. There’s a slew of books and internet resources created by those who have traveled this path or studied it intensely – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel or do it in isolation. Consider joining a support group for single parents or just try to meet like-minded single parents for companionship and camaraderie along the journey. If possible, read up or take a course on parenting strategies – single-parenting is harder than family-style parenting. You need to have more tricks up your sleeve than average parents do and you need to be a bit more psychologically sophisticated as well; there’s just more to deal with. Parenting will be a lot easier when you have the necessary information under your belt.

Don’t Get Bogged Down
Remember to have some personal fun – it’s good for you and can help you do a better job of parenting. A sour, exhausted, bitter, resentful parent is, by definition, not a good parent. A happy, energetic, positive parent is more like it! Keep up good health and lifestyle habits as much as possible, which means exercise, eat healthy, socialize, laugh, relax. When you’re ready, go ahead and date (and re-marry!). You need to live a full adult life and show your children how it’s done. It’s up to YOU to figure out when and how you’re going to do all this, but do it you must. An emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle not only helps you thrive, but also provides an important model for your child to emulate.

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